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Thursday, October 30, 2003
  More Spam mail today. This effort is sadly lacking in imagination, unlike previous efforts with their temptation of US Dollars.

Hi. how are you?. my name is Elizabeth. I have seen your profile on the
internet. If you would like to see my
pictures plesae send me an email to *censored because I am feeling generous today*,

Tuesday, October 28, 2003
  Following in the lead of the Monday Mission and the Friday Five I have created the Tuesday Think. I have a particular person in mind whose thoughts are to be provoked but the questions are open to anyone who wishes to answer them.

1. Do you get swept along by a chain of circumstances or are you like the eye of a storm, calm surrounded by utter turmoil?
2. How in control of your life do you feel you are?
3. Are you at ease with the amount of control you exert in your life?
4. How could you change a given situation or break a seemingly never-ending cycle if that is what you need to in life?
5. Do you think you are ever likely to be in control of your destiny?
Monday, October 27, 2003
  I had not intended a break from writing here, circumstances have led to other matters taking priority so no fear Jazz.

This week, 29th October to 4th November is Sausage Appreciation Week. In the second half of 2001 a staggering 536 tonnes of sausages were purchased a week. Do we really need to appreciate the humble sausage if so much is consumed?

What sort of sausage person are you? Bangers, mash and onion gravy do it for you? I’m a toad-in-the-hole person myself. Nigel Slater could convince me with a gutsy autumn supper of black pudding with piping mustard mash. Nigel Slater and Nigella Lawson food erotica at its finest. 
Friday, October 17, 2003
  Friday again.

1. Name five things in your refrigerator.

Milk, eggs, cheese, butter, and haggis.

2. Name five things in your freezer.

Peas, sweetcorn, hash browns, sausages and haggis.

3. Name five things under your kitchen sink.

Saucepans, frying pan, griddle pan, pyrex bowl, food mixer and no haggis.

4. Name five things around your computer.

Speakers, desk lamp, Dilbert, digital camera and the new yellow pages.

5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet.

Ibuprofen, paracetamol, scissors, plasters and throat lozenges.
Tuesday, October 14, 2003
  Evidently it is the turn of the Angolan now. Mr Briggy’s hospitality seems to have earned him a reputation that has spread from Nigeria. Is his house big enough for Mr Fortune Savimbi and his $22million?

From: Fortune Savimbi
01 Bp 2911 Abidjan 01,
Ivory coast, west Africa.

My Dear,

I know this message will come to you as a surprise,please do not worry for i
have confided in you. I am Fortune Savimbi the first son of the late general
Jonnas Banigo Savimbi of the republic of Angola, that was recently short dead
by some of his military officials on the 27th February 2002 in my country

Presently, I am now in Abidjan, republic of ivore coast, west Africa as a
political asylum since the last day of my father, to be precise, my father and
I left Angola early last year to Abidjan and stays for months while running for his life when the present government of Angola started indiscriminate for his killing. it was at this juncture that my father made away with this huge amount of us$22million in one sealed trunk box to Abidjan with the help of his men, as a matter of fact, nobody knows.

Bear in mind that even the officers do not know what the content of the trunk
box is all about except me ,this box was deposited at the security company and
was registered as family valuables. now since this money was deposited by my
late father ,my father gave me the deposit certificate issued to him by the
security company to keep for security reasons, as I was the
only one aware of this deposit.

Since my father was killed, I have decided to contact you for an expert advise
and assistance to move this money to your country for investment. I would
appreciate your effort to invest this money into a high profitable business
venture under your management and supervision. this transaction is 100% risk

I will offer you 10% of the total sum as soon as the money is retrieve out from
the security company, and 5% of the Remaining sum has been set aside for any
expenses that may be incurred from both side, upon your arrival to this country
I will take you to the security company to enable you claim the consignment as
my late father's foreign partner without delay.

Note : The junior officials of my late father did not know about the content of
this consignment here however, your ability to maintain the confidential nature
of this transaction and off course your fidelity to me is very important.

Please mail me immediately you receive this mail, for urgent assistance for more
details and information. Your immediate response is highly appreciated while
thanking you in anticipation.

I am waiting for your advise.

Thanks and god bless.
Fortune Savimbi

Last week I failed, failed to subscribe to a web ring. This week I must endeavour to subscribe to two web rings to make up for this flaw. Consequently Gene Eric’s Web Log has been listed with blogchalk. Furthermore to being added to the EuroBlogs web ring the next obvious choice was Blogging Brits. 
Monday, October 13, 2003
  No sooner am I into the swing with Monday Missions and Friday Fives when PromoGuy deletes his old database and takes out his blog too. Here I am deprived of my Monday Mission. Anyone out there care to provide me with a Monday Mission? 
Friday, October 10, 2003
  Thecrazyjester beat me to it this week, but here it is anyway, The Friday Five.

1. Do you watch sports? If so, which ones?
Rugby, Bike racing and Hockey, Karate and Judo occasionally.

2. What/who are your favorite sports teams and/or favorite athletes?
Leicester Tigers, 17000 people cannot be wrong and thecrazyjester appears to be another of the number.

3. Are there any sports you hate?
I cannot abide football (soccer to my non English friends), it makes no sense and it’s played by overpaid overacting nancy boys.

4. Have you ever been to a sports event?

I’ve played in various Hockey and lacrosse matches at a competitive level, a first aider at bike races, and a spectator at rugby matches.

5. Do/did you play any sports (in school or other)? How long did you play?

I played Hockey for seven years (3 years competitively), and Lacrosse for 3 years. Later on I gained a yellow belt in Karate but had to retire on medical grounds.
Wednesday, October 08, 2003
  The Monday Mission 3.40 on a Wednesday.

1. If you were to go on a diet (not that you should, babe, you look marvelous), which of the "fad diets" sounds the most appealing to you?

The cabbage soup diet appeals to me on a base level. Seven days of non-stop cabbage soup eating. I would be able to power the whole house, if not street, on the methane produced. Seriously it would more likely be the wheat free diet as there are so many foods on the market for coeliacs now it wouldn’t be like being on a diet at all. Then again there is unlikely to be much weight loss as I do not recall crisps and chocolate having much wheat in them in the first place.

2. I only ask, because with the holidays coming up, there will be a lot more food in our house than usual. It tempts me. Maybe if I exercise I can loose some now, and eat then and have it all balance out. Do you get much exercise?

I try to go out walking at least 4 times a week. I did pay a monthly gym membership but at a time of cost cutting I froze the payments and have yet to start going again.

3. When I was walking the other night, I noticed a rent house was being cleaned out by the landlord. Apparently the owners just took the essentials and left a lot of junk in the house. The owner had stacked piles of junk on the lawn for the sanitation collectors. But I noticed several things in that mess that maybe I could use (like a gas powered hedge trimmer). I may still go back some dark evening. Have you ever raided someone's junk pile that was left out for the garbage truck? Or gone dumpster diving? What did you find?

As a teenager I was once found raiding a skip in the school grounds that was filled with books. To me it was a gross obscenity that these books, many of them in perfectly acceptable condition were being thrown in a skip to be burned. These were ordinary books, no banned copies, just surplus books from the English department that were no longer in any of the Literature syllabuses.

I’ve also been at my local council run tip recycling like the good citizen I am and appalled at a woman throwing perfectly decent baby safety equipment into a skip. I stopped her and acquired 2 stairgates that came into good use.

4. Also in that same dumpster was the most awful shade of bright green carpet you've ever seen. Seriously, you wouldn't believe it if I showed you (and I will try to get a photo). Do you have any memories of ugly carpeting in your home or someone else's?

My parents had a horrific worn shag pile brown carpet that moved with us from the bungalow to the semi. They have a waste not want not ethos. The carpet itself is quite characterless yet the memories associated with it are more disgusting. It was just the right shade of brown for accidents when house training a puppy to go unnoticed. Certainly a disconcerting feeling when you stand in something warm and you feel it ooze through your socks between your toes and realise it is puppy poop. At least the shocking green, orange and brown swirled carpet made any mishaps obvious even if it did leave your eye sight in a migraine inducing blur.

5. As summer draws to a close, it means fewer outside chores. One I won't miss at all is mowing the lawn! What summertime chores will you be glad to see go away for the winter months?

Tidying up all the hedge trimmings from the neighbour’s leylandii that carpet the garden after they’ve been trimming the hedge but fail to clear up, I will not miss that chore at all. On a TV programme about neighbours last night a woman was shot dead and her husband seriously injured by their neighbour because they kept throwing his hedge trimmings back over the hedge so I won’t be doing that again in future just in case.

6. Of course, it is hard to mention fall without at least touching on football. Do you have a(ny) favorite football team(s)? Do you and your family root for the same teams to win?

I come from a family of rugby supporters and we don’t all support the same teams but having said that we don’t all live in the same area or come from the same area. We do all support our local teams.

7. I will be heading to Anaheim next month to stay a few days for a convention. It would be great to meet up with some Bloggers, but I just don't know many out there. If you were to visit California, are there any Bloggers you'd like to meet up with? (And if you are in California, then who would you like to come see you!)

I’m not in California, so I’ve not had to decide between Arnold Schwarznegger and the other guys, I’m not even in America. I’m also relatively new to the blogging scene so I’m not sure about meeting other Bloggers but Briggy over at the Simple Horn would certainly be on the “to meet” list but I’d enjoy meeting anyone on the list on the right. I’m not a fussy person. 
Tuesday, October 07, 2003
  The cynical nature of the beast means that a recent email in my inbox was met with a certain degree of scorn.

Barrister Kenneth C. Ibiam & Associates.

Dear Friend,

I am Barrister Kenneth Chike Ibiam (Esq) a solicitor.I
was the Personal Attorney to LATE ENGINEER HENRY
WILLIAMS an oil merchant/contractor with CHEVRON
PETROLEUM COMPANY here in Nigeria. On the 21st of
April 1999, my client, his wife and their only
daughter were involved in a automobile accident and
unfortunately they lost their lives.

Before my Client died, He had a huge fund deposit
valued at US$9,000,000,00 Dollars in a Citi Trust Bank
Ltd. here in Nigeria. As his personal Attorney, I am
in possesion of all legal documents which shows the
entire transaction between him and this security
company in relation to this fund deposit.
Consiquently, the security company mandated me to look
out for any of his extended family relatives to stand
in as the next of kin/beneficiary of this fund

Since then I have made several enquiries to your
Embassy to locate any of my clients extended family
relatives, but to no avail. After many unsuccessful
attempts, I decided to trace his relatives over the
Internet, but this attempt was equally unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, today 25-8-2003, the Citi Trust Bank
Ltd. gave me an ultimatum of Ten working days to
provide the next of Kin or have this fund confiscated.
This is why I have contacted you to render assistance
in repartrating the money and properties left behind
by my client, before they will be confiscated or
declared unserviceable by this security company.

Since I have been unsuccesful in locating the
relatives for over two years, and coincidentally, you
are from the same country, I seek your consent to
present you as the next of kin/beneficiary of late
ENGINEER HENRY WILLIAMS fund deposit with this
security company, for our mutual benefit.

For your assistance, you will be adequately
compensated with 40% of the total sum. 55% will be for
me, and 5% will be set aside to offset all incidential
expences that might be incured in the cause of this
transaction. eg phone call, payment of tax if so
required by your government etc. This transaction is
100% risk free as I have all necessary legal documents
to back up all our claims. I guarantee you that the
entire transaction will be executed under a legitimate
arrangement that will protect you from any breach of
the law,as all documents/affidavit that will be
required by Citi Trust Bank Ltd. before the release of
the fund will be procurred legally from the federal
high court of justice.

All I require from you is honesty and cooperation.
Please realise that the confidentiality of this
arrangement must be maintained from now, and even
after the successful complition of this transaction,to
enable us see this deal through.

If you will assist me, Please call me on my personal
phone 234-803-3430391 or contact me via any of my email box above for

Thanks and God bless.

Best regards,

Barrister Kenneth C. Ibiam (Esq).

Reply if you want I don't mind offering the opportunity of $360,000,000 however anyone reading the email carefully will see that the date of fund confiscation was exceeded over a month ago. 
Friday, October 03, 2003
  A blogging indulgence, the friday five.

1. What vehicle do you drive?
A 1.6 Peugot 405.

2. How long have you had it?
Approximately 3 years.

3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle?
All the windows are electric and it has a distinctive shape to the offside rear door. It goes from A to B, mostly.

4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle?
That it doesn’t always go from A to B.

5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now?
Either a bullnose Scania

or this Peterbilt.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003
  Input, output and equilibrium. Equilibrium is usually a good thing, no gain no loss but difficult to achieve. Input and output are the two sides of the balance. A greater input than output is not a good thing if it is in a calorific context for the dieter. A greater output than input is equally as bad if you are trying to make the numbers balance in the bank book.

If only money was as easy to gain as weght.
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